Padre José-Maria de Urbión - Ferny

Player: Paul Ferny Rank: Priest (Rank 1)
Religion: Catholic

Father José-Maria is a newcomer to the Spanish Embassy in Albion. He is the Catholic priest of the Chapel attached to the Embassy and in this capacity also acts as a Spanish Diplomat. As such, uniquely in the court of Albion, he has some access to Spanish resources. He recently gained some notoriety for successfully vanquishing the Aztec 'god' Quetzalcoatl, with his faith alone!


From E. Thorngrove, The Israel Directorate: The Depths of Intervention (Liverpool City Press, 1931)

… the remarkable documents now available from the Vatican have shed light on many mysteries of history. One such was the Israel Directorate of the Jesuit Order and the actions of one Padre Jose-Maria de Urbion within Albion. Though this historic figure has been suspected of many unsolved crime, the Vatican papers now reveal him as a key agent of the extraordinary arm of the Jesuit operation…

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