Professor Dame Isabel Meredith of Rochdale

Player: Laura
Rank: Knight (Rank 1)
Religion: Church of England

Isabel Meredith is a professor of Conjuration at St Mary's College, Oxford and renowned to be a most excellent Conjurer. There have been rumours about her various circumstances, including ruined marriage and dangerous rivalry with other conjurers, but nothing substantial. Her work at the University is considered first-rate and she is a prized member of the institution.


Professor Meredith's Marriage

“St Mary's Informer” a college pamphlet distributed across Oxford by the college students.

… and the Archbishop had visited Oxford but weeks ago whereupon the marriage of Professor Meredith to that annoying druid was annuled. It is a sorry affair, but made amusing for the readership by the apparent affair with O'Farrel. We have long awaited some sort of fight between Professor Meredith and Lady O'Farrel but are so far disappointed. Our hope is renewed again.

The Remarkable and Surprising Success of Isabel Meredith

Notable Newcomers, by Richard D. Crombie (East India Company Press, 1790)

… the effects of Dame Isabel's investments are still being felt in the company to date. It is doubtless, however, that Dame Isable has been one of the brightest and amazing newcomers to the Company in the previous century. The replenishment and investment of resources with the aid of specialised treasure hunting worked for Dame Isabel's life to a degree which had not been achieved before. A steady business in the developing property market, offsetting the negative effects of such areas as the Abingdon Accommodation Estates, she achieved both risk and security…

Old Conjuration Rediscovered, by Eleanor Merchant (Oxford: Hereford College Press, 1882)

… the discoveries of Professor Meredith, reclaiming some of the famous Medieval Conjurers, invigorated research and development of spells during the late 17th century. Many of the staple spells used today originate from the research of Professor Meredith and are unlikely to leave the Conjuration lexicon for many centuries to come. Her position as Master of Cain's was well-deserved and helped promote a growing Conjuration Research agenda throughout Oxford University which had previously been lacking.


The Obituarie for Professor Isabel Meredith, Master of Cain's College, Oxford

…remaining heroically sober in the provision of entertainments for her friends and colleagues. She had outlived many of her contemporaries which some attribute to her extremely active lifestyle. That she died in bed with a 23-year-old Lieutenant of the Dragoons, having worn him out so much that he didn't notice 'til the morning, shows the benefits of regular vigorous exercise..

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