Don Iñigo Arista, Baron de Tolosa, MP - Javi

Player: Javier Martinez
Rank: Baron (Rank 2)
Religion: Church of England

One of the few notable Navarrese nobles to have been successfully elected to Parliament and allowed to sit in the Commons. Is very popular back in Navarre and considered something of a local celebrity, Don Iñigo has been championing the cause of the Navarrese people.

Recent events have been a cause for concern however and most of the Albion lords of Navarre consider Don Iñigo very dangerous. They say that he has disgraced himself by being associated with the more radical elements in Navarre.



Prince of Navarre

Scenes from the cinemillustration “Triumph of the Will” show in Navarre (1989)

The actor playing Prince Iñigo Arista rises onto the podium

“People of Navarre, by the Grace of King Matthew of Albion, the people of Navarre are free and autonomous.”

The crowds roar in support. Prince Iñigo calms them with a motion of his hand.

“We, the people of Navarre, gathered in the town house of Pamplona, under the auspices of good king Mateo I of Navarre, may God grant him prosperity, proclaim the Constitution of the Kingdom of the Navarrese, which will be united dynastically to the crown of Albion for a further age of prosperity. May God bless this land and its people. May he bless this Constitution, base of the power of Navarre.”

There is great joy and shouting and people rise forward to hold the People's Prince of Navarre above them.

The Navarre Overseas Company

Thoughts on the Discoveries of the Navarre Overseas Company, Professor Alvar Escotello

The the company became subsumed by the EIC is no surprise, but the discovery of the island of New Navarre, many miles south of Cathay, was an extraordinary feat of seamanship. The empty ocean, traversed merely by the stars, is as if ready for a landmass that never came. Even the Pacific and Atlantic oceans contained some islands that this did not. Yet New Navarre was found and its inhabitants and plants most strange. What we call the Navarrese Devil…

That's How Nazi Navarre Started

Extract from a modern History textbook for Albion O-Levels, 1983

The Rise of the Modern Popular Dictatorship

Though nominally a Principality, and part of Albion's 'Dominion' Empire, the state of Navarre is the first example of a popular dictatorship in the normal sense. The organisation of the JNE being the well-developed method of manipulation of public opinion that helped prop up the regiment of Iñigo Arista who ruled for life. Though Navarre was retained under Albion for a long time, the successors of Prince Iñgio ruled the Principality in a like style for many years.

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