Dame Eliza Gamut - Frances

Player: Frances
Rank: Common
Religion: Church of England
Email: eliza_gamut@albion.chaosdeathfish.com

Eliza is an undergraduate in witchcraft at Cain's College, Oxford, her place being assured by the Earl of Coventry. Although publicly, she's a training witch, her specialism seems to be knowing who's doing what, where, and why.


The day after the wedding

The night of the day after their wedding was blessed with clear skies and Walter seemed very keen that they should take a walk in the fresh night air, away from the guests continued celebrations. He took great pleasure in escorting Eliza into the forests that sat on the gentle slopes behind Woolhope court. The promenade continued deep along the tracks and only the bright moonlight and the clear paths made the passing easy, although Devereux seemed very sure of where he led them both. It was only when they reached a clearing that their objective became apparent.

In that soft silvered colour there stood a mare and a stallion, both of pure white and upon their backs were saddles trimmed in blue and gold, with a strange set of wooden boxes attached. He offered Eliza a hand into her seat upon the mare and then mounted himself before taking them both up another track. It was clearly a climb up the heavier slopes and it was they came upon a stone construction that he dismounted and offered the her down. With a barely masked grin he collected the boxes from the backs of both horses and showed her the steps around the outside of the stone building.

At its top was a flat roof, edged only by a fence and benches placed against them. On the roof itself were laid a number of cushions and blankets as well as what appeared to be a basket of food. Gesturing her softly to the cushions he began unpacking what was within the boxes, all brass and leather and heady smelling woods. With the precision of drill he assembled it before her and when he stood clear he could not contain his beaming smile. There was a large observational telescope, of multiple lenses and some significant craft.

“We promised…”

The Eliza Gamut Scholarship

The Eliza Gamut Scholarship was started by Doctor the Duchess of Hereford for young promising witches not of common descent, particularly those excelling in the fields of divination and astrology. Now in its 73rd year, the scholarship continues to be funded by the Hereford estates.

As well as full funding through an undergraduate course, the scholarship includes access to a small but well-stocked reference-only library within the Soldwell room of Cain's college. The library also includes a restricted theurgic section, to which access will only be granted upon the production of ten fully annotated astrological charts to the senior faculty of Cain's college; these will be further checked by whoever holds the Eliza Gamut Chair for Witchcraft at the Invisible College to ensure that no harm will come from the opening of the section; be aware that despite 37 applications, access has not yet been granted.

A stone at the cliffs of Marian-on-Sea

In memory of George Sheppard. A brave man killed for no reason. May Albion see more of his like, and less of those as the traitors that murdered him.

An extract from Astrology Through the Ages

The first appointed Court Astrologer was the Duchess Devereux (a commoner when she first received the position; the Duchy was awarded upon her marriage to the Earl of Hereford). A trusted advisor to both King Matthew and King Richard, Gamut had a nack for divinations that has not been seen to this day. It is certain that the Muscovite crisis of 1669 would not have been averted so bloodlessly without her advice.

Possibly the biggest impact the Court Astrologer had on the modern role is her insistence that future holders of the position learn to use the eyes of the sphinx, and how best to utilise the power of the Eye of Odin. Fortunately, her penchant for flying around wearing little other than a dressing gown did not catch on.

An extract from The Siblings of Hecate: Gender and Witchcraft

It is clear that the influence of Eliza Gamut set Albion's witches back several decades. Undoing much of the work of Gwen verch Morcant, Gamut never objected to male witches joining the sisters, but she managed to whip up the paranoia amongst the female witches that no male practitioner was able to publicly witch without being watched (even if by scrying) by at least three others.

A legacy

Eliza retired at a relatively early age from courtly pursuits, recommending a couple of other witches who had received her scholarship for the position of court astrologer. Together with Lord Devereux, the couple lived a long life into retirement, spending much of their time in the sphinx grounds in Hereford.

Eliza died after a short illness, with her husband at her bedside, surrounded by their 12 children. After her death, two angels came, one appearing almost mortal in a brown robe, the other made entirely of shifting words. After standing in solemn contemplation for some time, the angel in the brown robe slowly lifted her body, and together, the angels left, flying to the east.

Many years on, occasionally a powerful golden leopard and a beautiful white heron are seen together in the distance in Hereford.

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