Doctor David Brandage - Tom N

Master David Brandage Player: Tom N
Rank: Commoner (Rank 0)
Religion: Jewish

A Doctor and researcher in Theurgy at Lanik College, Oxford, Dr Brandage is the younger of the two twin children of the renowned playwrights Dame Rebecca and Sir William Brandage. Mostly raised in Prague and only recently returning to this country, it is yet unknown whether the twins have inherited their parents' talents - particularly their mother's superlative magical ability.

Doctor Brandage is in his late thirties, but neither of the twins seem to have visibly aged a day since they turned twenty-five. He has recently obtained his doctorate from Lanik College. There exists a university regulation banning him from speaking or writing German on University land.

Doctor at Oxford University (Rank 3)
Yehudi in the Kabal of Yehudim (Rank 1)


Section 2. For the first part, see Leah Brandage.

Continued extracts from the notes of Mary Ixquich-Levi, Chief Researcher at the Faculty of Hostile Archaeology, Hereford College, Oxford

May 10th, 2008

“…progress continuing, slowly but steadily. Agreed with Phelps that it's to be a joint project, which means he takes some of the PR flak for not making fast enough press releases, and I get some of his top-notch Angelic Physicists to run proper readings over the thing. We've had some serious interest in funding from the Grover Institute, too - no-strings-attached from what I can see - sounds too good to be true, but frankly at this stage I'm happy to take the money and send regular reports. As far as we can tell it's fundamentally a mechanical device, and so should technically open like any other, but there's a series of wards of immense complexity surrounding the aetheric signature which will make simply levering the thing open – as one of my undergraduates jokingly suggested – not only impossible but downright dangerous for the unwary hand on the crowbar…”

July 20th, 2008

“…further breakthrough on the Theurgic Energy field. Seems to essentially be a pattern-recognition keyed agitation matrix, working on the crudest and most primitive of Left / Right / Yes / No / As Above / So Below principles, but of a complexity and power that seems absolutely staggering to the modern scientist… Phelps was in awe of the very idea, said that attempting to replicate this sort of ward even with modern techniques would be the equivalent of plunging your head into a vat of the Universal Solvent they're keeping over in the Esoterica Faculty. The more we look at it, the more we seem certain that this thing predates even the destruction of the Rosicrucian base; the Structured Daemonic Queries we've been running are pointing towards an origin somewhere in the mid-seventeenth century…

…dreams getting worse and worse. Keep waking up with the taste of apples in my mouth. Throwing myself into the work seems to help; and though my mesmerist keeps talking about stress patterns and emotional releases, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and a lot of the other hippy mumbo-jumbo he talks, frankly I'd rather deal with this like a modern scientific woman and take the Archbishop's advice on salvation through good works. I can't think of any better work than this…”

August 10th, 2008

“…completely stripped the first level of wards. The box is beginning to glow gently, and last night the security guard swears he saw it lift from the ground, rotate ninety degrees and set itself down again! And he keeps muttering about some sort of vision, a garden or forest or something. Can you believe such a thing? Naturally, the recording-imps reveal nothing on the playback. I think frankly people are getting altogether too superstitious about this overgrown paperweight; naturally I want to see what's inside as much as the next man, but if they're expecting a bottled apocalypse or an ancient Angel they're in for a serious disappointment. Tomorrow we begin work on the additional Sorcerous nomenclature-matrix, fed through the treated electrum pipes and directly into the Medici Equation we've filtered into the containment unit. I think we're making progress…”

August 11th, 2008

“…Phelps being really very supportive. Naturally he's right that we can't let this get out to the press; the boy's family will be paid off and we'll keep the lab closed down for “refurbishment” until further notice. But we're both equally sure that we can't let this delay our progress, not now, when we're so close. That undergraduate was just careless, he never should have been standing so close to the release valve…”

August 25th, 2008

“…Time has come. Tomorrow we open the final lock. It will have to be just me and Phelps; he's been getting more and more edgy, so have I – he talks about dreams too, but it's a perfectly natural consequence under the circumstance, what with Venus in the ascendant and so forth; you can read about it in any scientific journal. We're both sure that this needs to be kept to people who can be trusted. We'll give the assistants the weekend off and remove the Drakes somehow, but this has to be done. There's no other way. We have to be sure. Tomorrow night, the final lock comes off and the box opens…

It's all becoming much clearer now. I've been sleeping more easily since the Dreamcatcher stopped working. There's something terribly wrong with the world, and it's my duty to help fix it…”

There are no entries after August the 25th.

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