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He's just this guy, you know?

He has been seen lately wandering around Oxford looking rather lost.


Death smiles at us all

From the diary of Elizabeth Jones.

I had always known my husband was fortunate – he says most so in meeting me, though I disagree – but I never understood why until today. It is something of a shock to learn that the body of ones beloved was once occupied by the Angel of Death, but when considering the consequences of a favourable relationship with such an entity. He tells me that he feels the wings of the angel at times, and sees its light. And I think I believe him.

In a small cemetery in Cornwall.

Ares Jones
d. 1691
Husband and Father.
Death watched over him.

Two Such Angels

An extract from “Angels: A History”, a textbook discussing the varying roles of angels in mortal affairs through time.

It is said that the rescue of Michael proved a turning point in the structure of the Martial Forces of Heaven, and proponents of this theory cite the increasing frequency of collaboration in strikes between Azrael and Michael, the two foremost warriors of the Host, and the decreasing role of Raguel in leading the Host, as he was thought to have become unstable during his time imprisoned in the mortal realms.

This is clearly incorrect, as after Michael's rescue the antagonism between the two angels was great, as evidenced by the infamous Seahouses Incident. This “increased collaboration” was nothing more than a reversion to the mean, a return to normality as the angels recovered from their time in the Mortal and Infernal realms.

The commentators can't change the fact that in the end Michael and Azrael are just two figures, watching the sunset, with the rest of Eternity ahead of them.

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