Major Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad - [Rich J]

Player: Rich J
Rank: Common
Religion: Jew

A European Jew who is attending Court thanks to the patronage of his godfather, a wealthy Rabbi.

Lieutenant in the Army of Albion.

Shaliach Tzibur in the Kabal of Yehudim.


Scone College

The elite squad Altaïr trained at Scone saw its first combat in the Civil War, and many more after his death, lead by his adopted son Tobias.

The Altaïr Exchange Program was set up in his honour, paying for the best students of the Braganza Academy in Ireland and Scone College to exchange places for one year of their training program or course, ensuring that the top commanders of future years had a thorough grounding in both the practical and theoretical aspects of warfare.

Son of None

A description of one of the scenes in “Son of None”, the popular 1950s illusion based on the real-life hero, Daniel Ibn La-Ahad, perhaps the 30th protector of the Jews of that surname.

The sword sliced through the metal without hesitation, severing the phlogiston interchange pipe and sending a gout of flame to char the alley wall. Another stroke severed two of the legs, causing the mechanical spider to lose its balance for a moment before snapping its pincers closed where the man's head had been a split-second before. But he was already ducking in and under the creature, sending his sword lancing up through the armour-plater underbelly and mangling the sorcero-imperative matrix held in the body. With a last blast of flame the infernal creature crashed to the ground.

As the synagogue-goers, who had spilled onto the streets after the infernal device interrupted their service by breaking down a wall, stood in awe there was but one question on their lips.

“Who are you?”

“The Son of None.”

And with a swirl of his leather trench coat he was gone.

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