Sir Alexander Cross, MP [Joe W]

Player: Joe W
Rank: Knight (Rank 1)
Religion: Church of England
Reputation: Angelic

Sir Alexander is a very notable gentleman, considered a leading Member of the House of Commons and knowledgeable politician, academic and lawyer. His involvement in Parliament over the past years has earned him a reputation as a fearsome opponent and brilliant speaker. There is another side to Sir Alexander which shows him as a great poet and notable writer who has set many a trend in London and across the country. He has recently been granted the baronet of Schijndel in the Dutch Netherlands.

Shortly before helping defeat Moloch, Sir Alexander has undergone a ritual which appears to be making him into an Angelic being.

MP and Speaker of the House of Commons.


From the Charter of the Milton Academy

Sir Alexander Cross, since known as the Archangel Alexandros was instrumental in the defence of Somerset in the Civil War. Together with other Royalist forces and commanders he ensured the safety of South-West England and the maintenance of peace throughout the rest of the war.

The protection extended far beyond his immediate family and friends and extended to all those suffering from the effects of war.

The establishment of this institute, the Milton Academy, began during that time. Thanks to the efforts of Alexandros and the patronage of the Duke of Somerset, the Academy has now become a haven of learning and Natural Philosophy. Akin to our sister institutes in Albion and Europe we hope to enchance the learning and understanding of it thanks to the legacy of one of the foremost individuals of Albion.

Through his guidance we can now develop both the keen practicioner and the casual dabbler so that the benefits of study and knowledge may lead to the betterment of all.

An extract from On Angels and Demons by the Archbishop William Frewen


The Archangel Alexandros is known to has once been a mortal Englishman named Alexander Cross. Through some rare ritual of theurgy he ascended to become one of the Heavenly Host. Alexandros is a patron of magicians of all stripes, and apparently takes great pleasure in assisting with the performance of difficult or dangerous rituals.

Alexandros appears as a faintly radiant young man dressed in the latest fashionable attire. He objects to being summoned into a circle and prefers that supplicants seek him out at the Milton Academy where he often manifests to help the students.

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