The Third and Fourth Lists

The Third List

  • Find out how a honeysuckles. Acquire a sample and provide demonstration
  • Provide detailed account of the Royal Parakeet Juggling Troupe
  • Acquire four mummers
  • Discover the meaning of the following terms:
    • “head over heels” (is this not the ordinary state of affairs)
    • “Gadzooks”
    • “Zounds”
    • “Stap me vitals”
    • “Lubbers”
    • “Sucker” (evidently a term of respect)
  • Acquire pillows stuffed with the down of larks, swans, geese, bats and puffins
  • Acquire 5 beehives
  • Acquire 3 items bearing marks of fine English heraldry
  • Acquire silver candlestick and discover how the English persuade the silver to burn
  • Find out how rush lights rush
  • Recruit a breeding pair of dragonflies
  • Acquire fireproof box for transportation of dragonflies
  • Acquire supply of oxen-flies, sheep-flies and fruitflies to feed the dragon flies during the journey

The Fourth List

  • Acquire one dandelion, one tiger lily and one snapdragon all in different cages
  • Find one of the taverns where these ferocious flowers fight for the sport of onlookers and write an account
  • Recruit flower tamers for these valiant flowers
  • Acquire two bottles of elderflower wine
  • Acquire a goodly portion of salted pig
  • Acquire the shell of a turtledove
  • Learn the art of hopscotch
  • Acquire some fine maps, so that his Celestial Radiance may better apprehend the world
  • Acquire some crab apple jelly
  • Find four types of dried English plum
  • Look into breeding a tiger lily with a dandelion
  • Discover the length of the average English eyelash
  • Discover the identity of the English lady with the longest eyelashes
  • Acquire three plum puddings
  • Learn the use of a honeycomb for grooming, and acquire fine specimens
  • Acquire a rope of beauty and strength so that his Celestial Radiance may take his dandelion for walks in his gardens
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