The Second List

Original list order lost.

  • Acquire a horse of fleet foot and beautiful character
  • Acquire one cathedral preferably at least a century old, since his Celestial Radiance has been told that antiquity lends them charm.
  • Find out how wrapping pigs in blankets improves the flavour, and acquire four pigs with appropriate blankets ('Pigs in blankets' has now been explained to Meeash, but she thinks it might be safest to acquire some pigs in little embroidered blanket coats to make sure his Celestial Radiance is happy)
  • Acquire three nonny nonnies and a no (Meeash has now been told that these are concepts contained inside morris dancers, so a suitably large crate of morris dancers should suffice.)
  • Discover why the English delight in pictures of curtains. Acquire artist who specialises in such pictures.
  • Learn every dance in the kingdom
  • Acquire 8 nightingales, tuned to different pitches if possible
  • Learn many card games suitable for the court of his Celestial Radiance, and confirm the rules of Poltroon and Runny.
  • Learn the meaning of 'hurling' and learn why it is so popular
  • Acquire a circle of standing stones and discover how our stones may also be taught to stand
  • Bring back a sample of drizzle for comparison with Zilmatillian rain
  • Bring back sixteen puddings made with the finest Yorkshire
  • Acquire small yew maze of a size to be placed upon a raft
  • Visit a bowelling green and learn to bowel
  • Discover which gem stones are used in church windows instead of Window Stone
  • Acquire six mouseholes
  • Sample the eight most popular tobaccos in the country and acquire a small quantity of each for transport
  • Acquire 6 barrels of malmsey. Discover what that is.
  • Acquire several suits of clothes and turbans of great Englishness
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