Lord Thomas d'Ascoyne, Baron Daresbury [Matt H]

Player: Matt H
Rank: Baron (Rank 2)
Religion: Church of England

The poor unfortunate to find himself in charge of Daresbury after the former Baron summoned the Satan Baal.


Feel sympathy for Baron Thomas d’Ascoyne of Daresbury. Despite a long and busy life, he never managed to clean up the chaos that was Daresbury. Although the people of the area came to respect him for his dedication, he was never as inspirational a ruler as his predecessors. To this day the Plains of Daresbury remain, a featureless grey wilderness on which nothing will grow and which animals shy from. But at least it’s not the Zauberakademie, say the locals.

Despite being a generally pleasant fellow, a certain uproar was caused when he publicly swore in the harshest terms about Karin Meyer; it turned out this was a requirement of d’Alembert’s will, and embarassed the Baron immensely.

Baron Thomas died at the age of fifty-six of heart failure. According to the local witch, the stress of managing Daresbury and attempting to reclaim the hell-touched land at the centre of the county was the cause of his demise.

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