Sir Theodocius Dawkins, Master of Cain's College, Oxford [Joff L]

Player: Joff L
Rank: Knight (Rank 1)
Religion: Church of England
Reputation: Gentleman

Former alumnus of the Invisible College and currently Master of Cain's College, Oxford, Sir Theodocius is one of England's notable academics. Though little known in politics or the in London, Sir Theodocius' repute in the magical and academic world is significant.


Inscription on a statue of Sir Theodocius Dawkins found on the battlements of Cain's College, Oxford, and at the floating Dawkins Institute for Experimental Philosophy (currently anchored near Bristol for the 1642 squid season, under the directorship of Doctor Quarter-Masse)


Master of Cain's, 1595-1620

Hero of the Civil War

Scholar, Teacher, Sorcerer, Friend

“Certes, Numquam Prius Istud Fecit”

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