Admiral Richard Taylor [John R]

Player: John R
Rank: Admiral (Common born)
Religion: Church of England
Reputation: Respectable

The Butcher of Oviedo, a disgraced ex-naval officer and now the leader of the Venerable Order, Richard seems to be kept around purely because it's sometimes rather useful for the King to have someone to threaten troublesome nations with. He does spend quite a bit of time in church though - no wonder, considering what he's done.

Privateer Leader of the Venerable Order of Sir Walter Raleigh (rank 5)


The City of El Dorado

The Last Voyage of Admiral Taylor

The history of El Dorado would be incomplete without some account of those who lost their lives in search of it. One such was Admiral Taylor. One of the few leaders of the Order of Sir Walter Raleigh to retire voluntarily, he made his final voyage in 1628, in search of the golden city. Knighted in 1617 for services to the Crown in the Civil Wars, he had since been a force for good in his local community. Though not always welcomed by the Church authorities, as his blunt honesty ran rather contrary to a number of profitable arrangements, his work was a quiet force for good.

It took the leader of the Order, Jennifer Allen, who had been a Captain under his command, to rouse him from this. Claiming newly discovered information on the location of El Dorado she would share with no one else, she and Taylor departed for the Americas with just two ships but great hopes for rebuilding Albion with gold.

Records suggest they reached the Americas, but what progress they made there is lost, like their bodies, in the jungles.

A Plaque on the Wall of York Cathedral

In memoriam

Admiral Richard Taylor


Sailor, Benefactor, Father

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