Sir Geraldus Iphangesis [Matt H]

Player: Matt H
Rank: Knight (Rank 1)
Religion: Church of England
Reputation: Tolerable

A rather dodgy alchemist.


Geraldus Iphengesis is a name best not spoken too loudly to the nobles of Albion, being particularly remembered for two things - his part in the Franzberg Blasphemy and the removal of Dartmouth.

Before his full involvement with Franzberg was discovered, Geraldus travelled to Dartmouth on a sightseeing trip, claiming the Dragoons could manage quite happily for a while without his Alchemical assistance. He visited many parts of the town, and locals commented on his predeliction for taking long walks around the nearby countryside. However, his reasons for this turned out to be less than savoury. Very soon after he left, a few weeks after arriving, a series of tremendous explosions severed Dartmouth from mainland Albion.

The town was guided out to sea on sheep-towed barges. Without clear directions from the Zilmatillian Ambassador (for whom Geraldus later claimed the severing of Dartmouth was performed), it drifted into the North Sea, temporarily causing a severe obstruction for shipping, until an individual calling himself the King of Sweden, riding upon a six-legged horse and wielding a holly branch, summarily annexed it for the Kingdom of the Aesir. It disappeared from the English Channel, never to be seen again.

He lived through most of the troubles, assisting the Dragoons with his Alchemical powers. Unfortunately for him, his part in the Franzberg Blasphemy and the Dartmouth Incident were discovered towards the end of the war. However, when soldiers were sent to arrest him they could find no sign of him; in fact, their final lead took them to a town in Hertfordshire where residents claimed the Alchemist had vanished, leaving behind a faint smell of brimstone and an inexplicably deserted nunnery.

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