News: Turn 10 (October 1646 - March 1647)

News in England is distributed by a wide variety of ways. These include notices pasted on the boards of Churches and Taverns and notes sent around the courtiers by the messengers of the nobility and gentry. The most popular distribution however is from the pulpit and the press - the priests and preachers of all churches pass news onto their congregations in town and countryside while many write and publish pamphlets they distribute far and wide. Here follows a collection of the most interesting and important news.

Cry God for Harry Removed!

A pamphlet telling the story of the brave souls who removed the curse of Cry God for Harry from Oxford.

At last, the People of Oxford can go about their Business unmolested by foul Magics! Indeed, my uncle John is no Longer in a state of Undeath, but has Passed on, to the Relief of the Entire family!

I stood Proudly as the Boats left the Island of Oxford, watching Professors Grover and Meredith going About Town accompanied by The court Astrologer, Professor Gamut, poring over a Chart which advised Of the Safety of the Various Elements of their Grand Plan and preparing Oxford as best they Could for the Expected hideous Magical Backlash. Professor Chandler spent Many hours in her Laboratory with Fuming, Bubbling cauldrons, producing Alchemical Sponges. And Professors Blenham and Medici lay Down some Strange Mechanism which Reached All around the Island of Oxford, which Sank beneath the Waves. (Meaning the Mechanism, and not the Island, which at This time did not Sink).

And Once prepared, the Conjurers Cast their Magics, and Land raised all Around the Island, but Outside the Strange Mechanism previously Sunk. And then a Whirring and Thrumming was heard through All Oxford, as Water verily Leapt over this new Barrier of Earth, seeming to be Afeared of the Island itself; and as the Water grew Lower, the Mechanism was seen Spinning and Whirring, the Source of the Wave Of expelled Water. And then the Alchemical Creations of Chandler did Suck and then Burn away the Waters left Inside.

Indeed, as the Ritual had no Longer any Place to stand upon the Waters of Oxford, it Dissolved; and as it did, monitored by various Clerical fellows such as Professor Witch Jones and Professor Sutcliffe. A Flash of Light marked Its end, Brighter than the Sun, and Many were Blinded and could No Longer See.

And Once Again, after the Waters had Been returned to Normal by the Brave Magicians of Albion, the City of Oxford returned to Normal, the Slaughterers and Gravediggers most Happy to no More be Penniless and the Magicians back to Bickering amongst Themselves. And by some Surprise there was No Magical Backlash against the City, although the Waters around what Was Abingdon are now Churning and Smoking in some Unnatural Manner; who Knows what has Happened here. Let us hope That it Will Not affect Oxford Badly.

The Ungodly Conspiracy

Danger to the souls of Albion” a Pamphlet penned in the name of The Path Of The Righteous Man Is Beset Upon All Sides By the Iniquities Of The Selfish And The Tyranny Of Evil Men Jones

Everyone is used to thinking of Lady Admiral Colonel Hamilton Hexham Bherm as the most boring woman in Albion, and so she should be. The task of making sure that Our Boys and Girls have one blanket each in the field and no more or less than their apportioned ration of victuals per day is one that requires the most level of heads and utter dedication, leaving no time for extraneous activities, like smiling…

The pamphlet goes on at some length here extolling the virtues of a staid and uninteresting mind and the need for such plain personalities in the field of logistics.

So why her sudden obsession a few years ago with the sea? The answer is sadly apparent to those who know her true agenda. Not content with preserving the lives of the brave soldiers of Albion, she harbours terrible ambitions and her original position did not afford her the powers over the actions of the troops that she desired. Her vocal support for a Royal Navy, while all agree such a thing is sorely needed with the Privateers' feckless and ambivalent ways, was motivated by the most unpatriotic of needs. She required direct command of a portion of the military of the King. Now she also commands Royal marines, that is soldiers loyal only to her and the navy, as well…

Again wordy passages largely repeating the point, wandering occasionally off topic to decry her flamboyant dress sense, complain about the Privateers creating the need which she exploited and wonder at the decision which allowed her to take command such a large portion of the fleet.

But for what agenda was such power required? Why, the truth is as shocking as it is obvious to those who have heard her occasional rants against Puritans, Jews and (much more privately) the Church of England. She must have men at her command when she and Wyndham lead the Great Atheist Revolution.

These vile heretics, with the Great Blank Beasts Hamilton and Wyndham at their head will tear down every Church in the land, Fling both God and the King from their respective thrones and install Copernicus in the place of Christ!

It is known that they wish, after clearing it of all God fearing souls, to make parliament the greatest authority in the country, as a king too closely resembles a god in their eyes, it is now apparent that this newly purged body will rule from a ship of the former Royal Navy, drifting from island to island to inspect the serried ranks of benighted citizens, ensuring that each has his daily portion and no more and that none pray to the God that these traitors despise, and that men of the former Royal Navy will be made to enforce the vile edicts of the Godless.”

Nearer: Special Edition! Exclusive Interview with Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux!

This edition of Nearer covers several pages. Much of the first page features an image of Lord Walter, naked from the waist up, muscles bulging, with a helmet held under his arm.

“…commitment-shy Earl refuses to…”

“…made no comment on his opinions on musical theatre. Also absent were the Major-Generals true feelings for Baron Wyndham, with whom…”

“…enjoyed a 'turbulent time' with the aforementioned Baron…”

“…not intending on marrying for at least a year, which will delight many of our female readers, given a renewed chance at…”

“…flattered to be considered one of the most elegible…”

“…considers his country before any romantic…”

“…Lady Weaver on her good looks, and indeed took a trip to Italy on her…”

“…possible that his position on Italians…”

The centre pages of this edition fold out, and are easily removed and hung. They feature an extrodinarily detailed etching, depicting Lord Walter with his arm resting on the shoulders of Captain Christopher Orion, against a background of Venice. Both are in a very tight-fitting dress uniform, but with numerous rips and tears, apparently from the fighting, which also appears to have graced both with a thin sheen of sweat. Captain Orion is shown looking up at the Major-General, who himself is looking directly at the artist.

“…complimented Colonel O'Farrel on his recent work…”

“…refuses to rule out intentions for any lady at court…”

“…premature. The Major-General told Nearer he would like the ability to spend more time pleasing…”

“…struck by Captain Greyhawk with…”

“…is oblivious of the demonic nature of any members of his regement. Indeed, if the Major-General is unaware of…”

“…wrapped up by Sir Nicholas de Grey into…”

“…advises Nearer's readers to be true to their heart, despite denying any intentions for…”

Nearer—The Publication Closer to Your Heart

“…entered the Duck and Goose together, already known to be a popular choice for the new Dame and the Major-General, and had a curtain pulled around them, for what purpose, Nearer can only…”

“…followed by a swarm of ravens and a woman with a wolf, who appeared to be attempting to measure her using a pair of callipers. Nearer is still investigating the source of Dame Megan's…”

“…congratulate Dame Eliza Gamut, Court Astrologer, on her knighthood. It is Nearer's hope that the new Dame will…”

“…being protected by Elizabeth Wood and her gryphon. Nearer has further heard that Lady Weaver may shortly be visiting Italy with her new…”

“…ship has taken a keen interest in musical theatre. Captain Smashing has unfairly been trying to deny his craft the chance to express its…”

“…have heard that Dame Brandage will be married shortly, and Nearer is proud to be the first publication to announce the name of the groom. Full details on page 94…”

Announcement from Lanik College

“The Hebrew community of Oxford and Lanik College, Oxford, are pleased to announce that Doctor the Dame Leah Brandage has been appointed as a Rabbi. She will be responsible for the spiritual welfare of the Jewish population of Lanik College and in charge of performing services at Lanik Synagogue, in addition to her other duties tending to the draconic and serpentine populations of the area. She will in many respects be replacing Rabbi Galgenvogel.

We wish a warm welcome to the newly invested Rabbi Lanik, and hope that Christian and Jew alike will assist her in the first months of her new position.”

With the Brandage family's traditionally strong ties to Prague, it is hoped by many that an English-born Rabbi in this position will help in smoothing and assisting the political situation.

Extract from a pamphlet by Roderick Von Blutchenderm

The following pamphlet is published throughout middle Europe under the name 'Roderick von Blutchenderm', apparently targeted mostly at German states, though several copies do make their way to Albion.

“What new horror is this?
All now knowe that a manne may be made. Nathaniel Medici on the Protestant Isle is an CONSTRUCT of bronze and steel, graced by God with a SOUL, or so he claims. Even soe it is a STRANGE and suspect thinge and must be looked at by alle philosophers and menne of GOD before being trusted fully. Now then do we come to another living clockwork.

THE PRETENDER TO THE THRONE OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE IS NO PRETENDER! She is the true heir, that which hath been DEADE these Thirty Years Or More. The soule plucked from the hereafter by FOULE NECROMANCIE into a Venetian built body in such a way that the WITCH KING would have donne had he the Skill. This MONSTROSITY of UNDEATH is being given alle manner of support by Hamilton on the Protestant Isle, a Woman of Authoritie within their Parliament, but is this any wonder when my delvings deep into the past have discover'd that she is the DAUGHTER of the VILE BLASPHEMER who did visit this affront upon God's clean Earthe.”

An Article in Defence of Artifical Life

Extracts from a pamphlet by Professor Sir Quinn Algonon Bertrand Smith, head of the Department of Supernatural Development, Cain's College; extremely well received by the Academic community and members of the League of Magical and Mechanical Insight.

'I have known the man named Nathaniel Medici for several years, and worked with him. He is an inventor! A gifted, skilled inventor! The Science of inspiration, of willpower, and creativity! I ask you, could a mere machine do this?'

'God gave us the ability to create. God gave us the will to create. God gave us the methods to create. Why, in any way, would he not expect us to use these gifts? You say Nathaniel's father committed blasphemy. I say Nathaniel's father is a genius, on a par with any inventor you care to name… Perhaps even a rival to the great Franzberg. Though probably a bit saner.'

'I argue, if every man I've met in my time cared as much about his soul as Medici, then the world would be a better place, and I will stand by that.'

'Spiritus Dei; the spirit of God. It's properties, magnificent. By all reports it LOOKS like soul-stuff. I do not pretend to know what a soul is, but I know it when I see it.'

'If you measure a man by the way he was born, then Nathaniel is not a man. If you measure a man by his deeds, Nathaniel is as much a man as I am. If you measure a man by his soul, Nathaniel is at least as much as man as I am. I have never seen my soul, I cannot prove myself to have one. He can. Can you?'

'In my position, as royal advisor in the matter of science, as professor of Experimental Suspended Supernatural Development, and as a man of science, I vow to defend Nathaniel, as I would any other MAN. He has my protection, the protection of The Experimental Department as much as he needs it, and I can only hope the rights, and privileges, of any other man. And that includes the right to live free of Blackmail.'

Stiff-necked Archbishop's Outburst

From a pamphlet by one of the Oxford Colleges' Theology departments, unaffiliated with the Anglican Church itself.

At the end of the Eucharist service at Canterbury Cathedral, up stood Nathaniel Medici to receive the Blessing of the Archbishop – who until that time had not seen the erstwhile Catholic. At this the Archbishop grew angry, loudly proclaiming that he would not give the Lord's Blessing to an Unworthy Abomination! However, Medici riposted quickly, offering that the Will of God would strike down those that are unholy in his eyes and not those who are not, and that if he be an Abomination in God's eyes then he would accept the wrath that he would incur.

This only incensed the Archbishop further and he demanded that Medici leave, which he did only after a speech containing such lines as ”…this opportunity to show that I am not an abomination in god's eyes as he has suggested…”, ”…much like two months ago the Blessing rests upon me as it does on any other and not the screaming reaction of one of the servants of hell…”, ”…men can be swayed by prejudice but God's blessing has been seen by all and cannot be argued with…”

He claims that the Archbishop himself blessed him, a claim hotly denied. Surely if the Archbishop had once blessed Medici already he would not have such an opinion – unless it was but his and not that of our Lord Almighty?

The academic community are very supportive of Medici, and seem to see him as a brave man beset by an Establishment which will not move with the times.

The Rallies of Tolosa

A Short Pamphlet, published in both English and Basque in Navarre

… smart uniforms as the eyes could see, filling the fields around Tolosa! Men marching in step with practiced military discipline. Oh how glorious it should be if one was in those ranks, singing the great songs of Tomorrow. Flags flying high above their heads, the music dimming the sounds of all else and then the speech!

Don Iñigo Arista rising to the podium and speaking of the bravery of those who fought in the Crusades. How our Navarrese men and women fought in the crucial moments of the attack and crushed the foul undead before them. What a wonder the battle must have been. Truly there is no greater soldier than a Basque!

New Appointments to the Privy Council

From a proclamation circulated amongst the members of Court and in Parliament.

Let it be known that Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton and Admiral the Right Honourable Lord Wilson Mandrake, MP, have been invited to advise His Majesty King Matthew Tudor, first of that name, King of England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands and Navarre and Lord of Gibraltar, Malta and the Colonies of America and serve upon His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council and to take the following oath:

You do swear by Almighty God to be a true and faithful Servant unto The King's Majesty as one of His Majesty's Privy Council. You will not know or understand of any manner of thing to be attempted, done or spoken against His Majesty's Person, Honour, Crown or Dignity Royal, but you will lett and withstand the same to the uttermost of your power, and either cause it to be revealed to His Majesty Himself, or to such of His Privy Council as shall advertise His Majesty of the same. You will in all things to be moved, treated and debated in Council, faithfully and truly declare your Mind and Opinion, according to your Heart and Conscience; and will keep secret all matters committed and revealed unto you, or that shall be treated of secretly in Council. And if any of the said Treaties or Counsels shall touch any of the Counsellors you will not reveal it unto him but will keep the same until such time as, by the consent of His Majesty or of the Council, Publication shall be made thereof. You will to your uttermost bear Faith and Allegiance to the King's Majesty; and will assist and defend all Jurisdictions, Pre-eminences, and Authorities, granted to His Majesty and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament, or otherwise, against all Foreign Princes, Persons, Prelates, States, or Potentates. And generally in all things you will do as a faithful and true Servant ought to do to His Majesty. So help you God.

Admiral the Lady Hamilton and Admiral the Right Honourable Lord Wilson Mandrake are commended by the His Majesty for having served Him most well in the matter of the defeat of the Witch King and in all matter Naval, and in their service to the Crown in the conduct of their Parliamentary duties. In addition their role in the Government and Settling of the affairs of His Majesty's most recent Kingdom of Malta has brought their many virtues in administration and diplomacy to His attention. Finally Admiral the Lady Hamilton has been tireless in these most recent months in the Strengthening His Majesty's Alliances and Friendships with the German Principalities and with the City-State of Prague.

They shall join His Majesty's existing most honourable Privy Councillors: Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux until now the most recent addition to the Council, and the long-standing members the Right Honourable the Lady Elizabeth Weaver, MP, and the Right Honourable Lord John Wyndham, MP.

All Catholic Europe Roused

Pamphlets transcribing similar speeches given across Catholic Europe in various languages. It is attributed to an inspiring Catholic clergyman. An English translation, with commentary, is eventually made available.

Catholics of Europe, leaders and subjects, priests and lay,

Let us give thanks to God for our victory in Rome. The blasphemy of the Witch King and his undead legions has been wiped out, by a Europe united against a common enemy.

The role of Albion and King Matthew cannot be underplayed, much as we may like to. Although their faith is wayward, it is closer to the true faith than the Necromancy of the Witch-King. Our armies joined with theirs, and together we were victorious. However, we must not get complacent. Albion’s forces, in one guise or another, have been at war with Europe constantly. They have made many conquests, and yet despite Papal calls, we have not united against these incursions.

We must not drop our vigilance. Our alliance with Albion against the Witch-King was righteous and correct – but compliance with them against each other would be treachery. Do not be swayed by their crusade against the Witch-King, had they chosen any other route they would have been utterly shunned by all nations. Do not be cowed by their military prowess, they have been weakened in their continuous assaults, and can be defeated through good leadership, soldiery and solidarity.

Peoples of Europe, we must congratulate ourselves on our victory. We must acknowledge Albion’s place in that victory. But we must NOT allow them to manipulate or divide us. Be strong. Stand up for your country, defend your faith!

Viscountcies for sale

An announcement made around Oxford

In a bid to improve the state of the royal treasury, His Majesty King Mathew Tudor, King of Albion, the Netherlands, Navarre, Lord of Gibraltar, Malta and the American Colonies has announced a sale of a number Viscountcies across the country. Lord Alexander Cowel, Viscount of Freagh, Lady Mary Hampton, Viscount of Mullin, and Lord Jerod Samson of Huntly are the most recently announced to the House of Lords.

The Viscountcies available are as follows:

  • Killearn
  • Maghera
  • Tober
  • Crieff
  • The list continues for some time, and is made up almost entirely of small areas of Scotland and Ireland

If you wish to buy a viscountcy, the price is affordable by anyone with at least Wealth 3, and should speak to the King in session.


A short pamphlet entitled “All Westminster's Men”, distributed around Oxford and some major towns.

The most Eventful and Impassioned Sitting of Parliament this Generation! The lights in the Sheldonian and the alehouses surrounding it have not been extinguished this last Six months as Members of the Lords and Commons meet in secret and public. Money and Promises have been spread about like Raindrops in a Storm, and a hundred Favours have been called in. And on the floor of the House great Parliamentarians like Lady Hamilton, Lord Devereux and Sir Randolph Blenham have argued with Oration like unto that of Cicero.

But it is not just in Legitimate debate that this last Sitting has been Marked. For others have made Interventions outside the Chambers. There has been Pamphleting by the dozen, most remarkably by the Right Honourable Lord Grover. A more Uncouth Intervention was made by the Moor styling himself “Prince”, who was dragged from the Visitor's Gallery of the Lords. Booing and make the Most Repugnant Racket he was ejected with no Ceremony.

TREASON though is the greater crime. An investigation launched to discover the cause of Repeated Complaints of Votes Miscounted has uncovered a Corrupt clerk named Mary Bassano. It is not yet known the Reason for her Crimes against the Government of Albion but whatever the truth it will be revealed in time.

Since this is such a long item there follows a Summary of Bills passed only:

2. “Recognise the importance to the current and historical state of Albion of the City of Prague and the friendship shared between those two nations.”

5. “May a statue of good king Matthew be set up in front of the Bodleian as an honour after the victory in the Crusade against the Witch King.”

6. “That a fund, financed by public monies, be set up to offset the costs of the diplomatic visits made by Princess Maria Anna of Austria and her entourage around the various German Principalities.”

7. “Recognise the necessity and value of the continued autonomy and alliance with Albion of the Independent City State of Prague.”

8. “That no military officer, of Army, of Dragoons, of the Venerable Order, of the Royal Navy or of the Horticultralists shall hold rank, other than honourific, in more than one of those said organisations. Those who currently do shall be expected to choose a branch of the service and resign those commissions outside of that service, to better allow for the efficiency and quality of the defence of Albion.”

9. A bill to “implement reform of the current poor laws and the state of the provision of the parish such that those who are truely destitute are provided properly with God's mercy and charity.” The detail of the bill is extensive and includes substantial reform of current “parish” system and administration for provision for the poor and destitute.

10c. “Wherein it is understood that some assets must be held in trust for the common good, it is proposed that it be formalised that no entity save the State may lay claim to own the air of Albion, and that it be made an offence to attempt to profit through such a claim.”

From Hansard, the voting records for the most important Bills presented to Parliament these last months.

1. Proposed by Randolph Blenham: “That the Government shall not tolerate persecution of any person artificially constructed if they can be shown to have the Almighty's blessing, e.g. been served communion by clergy without ill effects.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Sir Randolph Blenham, Don Iñigo Witch Jones Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker), Baron Mandrake
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Lady Morag Douglas Lord the Major-General Devereux, Lord the Colonel O'Farrel, His Grace Henry Lockett

The Bill passes easily in the Commons but is DEFEATED in the Lords. The Lords Spiritual are implacably opposed and vote in a block against it.

2. Proposed by Sir Christopher Gardiner, MP: A bill to “Recognise the importance to the current and historical state of Albion of the City of Prague and the friendship shared between those two nations.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Mandrake Witch Jones Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker), Don Iñigo
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Lord the Major-General Devereux, His Grace Henry Lockett, Lady Morag Douglas, Lord the Colonel O'Farrel

The Bill is uncontroversial and is PASSED easily in both Houses.

3. Proposed by Don Iñigo Arista: Bill on Navarrese force. “This bill proposes that a permanent regiment is created in Navarre out of the veterans of the Crusade, so that there is no need to rely on the levy should there be any war. Also, that a regiment from Albion shall be allocated to Navarre on a periodical basis for the full drill of the Navarrese troops.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Don Iñigo, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler Abstain Baron Mandrake, Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
Lord the Colonel O'Farrel Lord the Major-General Devereux, His Grace Henry Lockett, Lady Morag Douglas Abstain Lady the Admiral Hamilton

The Bill passes easily through the House of Commons, but is heavily DEFEATED in the Lords.

4. Proposed by Don Iñigo Arista: Bill on the allotment of local tax expenditure. “The bill proposes that the council of Navarre should be capable of raising local taxes for local matters, so to avoid minute issues regarding local administration in regular Parliamentary sessions in Oxford.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Don Iñigo, Sir Randolph Blenham Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Witch Jones Baron Mandrake, Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)

The Bill is narrowly DEFEATED in the Commons though support seems stronger in the Lords.

5. Proposed by Don Iñigo Arista: “May a statue of good king Matthew be set up in front of the Bodleian as an honour after the victory in the Crusade against the Witch King.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Don Iñigo, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones Abstain Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker), Sir Randolph Blenham
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Lord the Major-General Devereux, His Grace Henry Lockett, Lord the Colonel O'Farrel, Lady Morag Douglas

No Member of the Commons or Lords voices opposition to this motion and it is PASSED by general acclimation.

6. Proposed by Baron Wyndham: “That a fund, financed by public monies, be set up to offset the costs of the diplomatic visits made by Princess Maria Anna of Austria and her entourage around the various German Principalities”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Don Iñigo Dame Chandler, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones Abstain Lady Elizabeth Weaver, Baron Mandrake
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Lord the Major-General Devereux Lord the Colonel O'Farrel, Lady Morag Douglas Abstain: His Grace Henry Lockett

The most contentious Bill of the entire Parliamentary sitting it is the focus of an amazing deployment of secret, and apparently opposed, webs of influence. The Bill takes several days to pass through each House and speeches for and against are argumentative and bitter. Ultimately it passes in the Commons by a single vote (and a general muttering about underhanded dealing to keep some Members from the House) and by only a slightly large majority in the Lords.

The Bill is PASSED into law.

7. Proposed by Sir Aleister Alexander: A bill to “Recognise the necessity and value of the continued autonomy and alliance with Albion of the Independent City State of Prague.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Mandrake, Dame Chandler, Sir Randolph Blenham Witch Jones Abstain Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker), Baron Wyndham, Don Iñigo
Lady Morag Douglas, Lord the Major-General Devereux, Lord the Colonel O'Farrel Lady the Admiral Hamilton, His Grace Henry Lockett

The Bill passes easily in the House of Commons and is eventually PASSED in the Lords, attributed in part to a poor turnout by the Lords Spiritual.

8. Proposed by Sir Aleister Alexander: A bill proposing “That no military officer, of Army, of Dragoons, of the Venerable Order, of the Royal Navy or of the Horticultralists shall hold rank, other than honourific, in more than one of those said organisations. Those who currently do shall be expected to choose a branch of the service and resign those commissions outside of that service, to better allow for the efficiency and quality of the defence of Albion.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Dame Chandler, Don Iñigo, Witch Jones Sir Randolph Blenham Abstain Baron Mandrake, Baron Wyndham, Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
Lady Morag Douglas, Lord the Major-General Devereux, His Grace Henry Lockett, Lord the Colonel O'Farrel Lady the Admiral Hamilton

Passed easily by the Commons and with only small opposition by partisans of the Royal Navy, led by Admiral the Lady Hamilton, in the Lords. The Bill is PASSED into law though deferred to allow time for all members of the Armed Forces holding multiple ranks to seek honourable discharges from all but one service.

Prince Ali Omar Al-Malik is ejected from the Visitors' Gallery of the House of the Lords while loudly barracking; he claims that the Bill is clearly targetted against Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton in a petty act of spite against the alumni of the Invisible College.

9. Proposed by Sir Aleister Alexander: A bill to “implement reform of the current poor laws and the state of the provision of the parish such that those who are truely destitute are provided properly with God's mercy and charity.” The detail of the bill is extensive and includes substantial reform of current “parish” system and administration for provision for the poor and destitute.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Mandrake, Baron Wyndham, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones Dame Chandler, Don Iñigo Absent: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Lord the Major-General Devereux, His Grace Henry Lockett, Lord the Colonel O'Farrel Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

The Bill passes with some opposition in the Commons but is generally received well in the Lords and so PASSED into law.

10a. Proposed by Dame Katherine Chandler, MP, “A bill to declare Invisible an independent entity under the direct authority of the Crown.”

The Bill is not brought forward for debates as it is deemed TAUTOLOGICAL by the Committee of the Commons dealing with scheduling time for debates.

10b. Proposed by Dame Katherine Chandler, MP, “In order that debtors be encouraged to act in a responsible and timely matter, a law is proposed that debts may only be enforced within seven years of the agreement of the debt. Debts not collected within this timeframe are hereby declared null and void. This law to apply retrospectively.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler Baron Mandrake, Don Iñigo, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)

The Bill is DEFEATED in the Commons and opposition is thought to be as strong in the Lords.

10c. Proposed by Dame Katherine Chandler, MP, “Wherein it is understood that some assets must be held in trust for the common good, it is proposed that it be formalised that no entity save the State may lay claim to own the air of Albion, and that it be made an offence to attempt to profit through such a claim.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Don Iñigo Baron Mandrake, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones Abstain Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
Lady Morag Douglas, Lady the Admiral Hamilton,His Grace Henry Lockett Lord the Major-General Devereux, Lord the Colonel O'Farrel Absent:

Despite spiritied opposition from the Right Honourable Admiral the Lord Mandrake, who leads an ad-hoc faction of MPs allied with the Merchant Companies, that the Bill is dangerous to the commerce and economy of Albion it nonetheless passes in the Commons. It gains a small majority in the Lords too and is PASSED into law.

10d. Proposed by Dame Katherine Chandler, MP, “In order to prevent profiteering and greed, a census of rents throughout Albion is to be undertaken. It is to be a criminal offence for a landlord to charge more than twice the average rent per hectare for land anywhere in the country. Periodic censuses to be taken to amend this maximum figure to reflect current prices.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Dame Chandler Baron Wyndham, Baron Mandrake, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones, Don Iñigo Abstain Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)

Lobbying by the Merchant Companies, led by Baron Mandrake MP, is more effective in this matter as is the fact that for a majority of the Members of both Houses draw their income principally from rents in one manner or another. It is very heavily DEFEATED in the Commons, with the belief that those view who voted with Dame Katherine Chandler did so by accident or through senility.

10e. Proposed by Dame Katherine Chandler, MP, “A bill proposing that Oxford University be placed under the stewardship of the Invisible College, in order that they be properly supervised and to ensure that they concern themselves with matters appropriate to their station, namely study, rather than reckless profiteering at the expense of Albion's most precious resource, knowledge.”

Dame Katherine Chandler withdraws the Bill to ribald booing when it is moved for debate in the Commons. It is well-known that the Members of both Houses see it as a deliberate waste of their time and it has no support in either House.

The Tales of Noble Deaths

A new popular form of pamphlet appearing across Albion is the so-called 'Obituarie', detailing the lives of recently deceased people of note.

”…A small service was held at St Mary's Chapel this morning for the departed Brother Chalk, a scholar, astrologer and philosopher of His Majesty's Court, tragically killed in a magical accident shortly before the last meeting of the Great Court. His friend and patron, Earl Walter Devereux, oversaw and funded the service, which was well-attended by members of the local community - the Earl finally laying a peacock feather and a small parchment on the grave before Chalk was committed to the earth…”

Barbary Bashing! Smashing!

An extract from a pamphlet written by “An Observer” Though peace has come to Albion, and War turned to Wooing (to Nearer's benefit), not all our Brave Boys are ready to hang up their arms! Those Bearded Terrors, the Dastardly Dread Pirates of Barbary, have come under Fire from our Dashing Dick Smashing!

Descending from the Air, in Glorious Summer this Sun of Somewhere in Albion (w)Rought Ruin upon those Foul Fiends! Fearlessly he Fought them, his Men Married Martial Might with Swift Sailing to Smite these Scoundrels!

Following their Fearless Forerunner, the Forces of the Fighting privateers Fell on their Foeman. Basely the Barbary Bent sail, hoping the British storm would Blow out! Mistaken they were, and Many were Taken!

Note: this Observer promises the Sum of £1 Sterling will be Paid to any who can answer the true Locale of Smashing's birth for use in future pamphlets.

A small bonus may be paid if it is something which lends itself to Alliteration.

Panama Project

A pamphlet circulated describing some of the more exciting aspects of the new canal being built in Panama.

An extract from the journals of Captain Giles Forthright

From my vantage point overlooking the encampment, I saw the signal fires burning and Lord O'Farrel step forward holding aloft the vial produced by the so called 'Prince' Ali. Stretching off to both horizons I could see the unbroken line of Celestium allegedly so vital to his magics. With a matter of fact flourish, Lord O'Farrel emptied the bottle over the pale, quartz like mineral and stepped back. No sooner had the liquid touched the stone, the black, oily liquid started to spread, in both directions along the stone. Wherever it reached, the stone started to bubble and roil. Then we saw it expanding, black, oily tentrils leaping out and digging down, then more sprouting and diving downwards. This went on and on, until we started to feel a rumbling under foot.

It was around this time that people started to heed the warning to get at least half a mile from the line. People fled in panic as the ground started to heave and shift. Then the first gasp went out as a huge mound of earth was sucked down, leaving a vast pit. As far as the eye could see in each direction, similar pits were forming. Then slowly, the pits started joining and within these pits, further pits were forming, deeper into the earth, the smell of sulphur all around.

By sunset, there was a deep, dry canyon beneath us and we could hear the far off roar of water. Then we saw the first of the wild horses off to the west. Soon after, we saw their Altlantic brethren bearing down the canal bed. As they got closer, people backed off from the edge, and soon there was a mighty clash as the torrents of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans collided. As the water settled, so did the rumbling of the earth. By midnight it was as if the day were like any other, except for the gentle swell of salt water 25 miles from the coast.

An article from the same pamphlet.

A new form of Advertisment?

Several boards have been erected along the line of the Panama canal, telling of the Temptations of Tartaruga. Foremost amongst these is the new branch of the Midnight Rose, an establishment only now being set up to entertain the colonial elite. Will the canals of our Fair Land soon be awash with Signs of the Attractions Nearby?

The Mission to the German Principalities and Prague and the Former Holy Roman Empire

A report by the Auditor-General of the Houses of Parliament upon the recent mission to Germany that all Members of the Houses of Commons and Lords might adjudge their monies well spent. This copy has been annotated though it is not clear who by.

[…] Admiral the Lady Hamilton did add her own monies to that voted by the Houses of Parliament that the Kingdom of Albion should not be unduly burdened by additional expenses not directly required for the conduct of a diplomatic mission. […]

[…] Claims for expenses from the start of the mission are negligble. It is this Office's understanding that the Princess Maria Anna sought out the former members of her household as well as samples of her handwriting from remaining archives. The Lady Hamilton also submitted sworn testimony of her own and others upon the matter of the Crown Princess' rescue from her imprisonment with crystal. The Lady Hamilton not deeming such matters a part of the diplomatic mission has not requested funding and as such the matter of legitimacy of the claim is not covered within this report.

Scrawled in pencil: Seems to have convinced the sausage-eaters anyway. Who'd have thought they were so nostalgic for the good old days that they'd accept a fairytale princess so quickly?

[…] Did journey by coach and horse to the diverse Principalities, Bishoprics, Dutchies and States Diverse which had in previous years pledged allegiance to the Holy Roman Empire and did there introduce the Crown Princess and impress upon them the strength of her claim to the throne […]

Scrawled in pencil: By my count averaged almost two German states a week, an impressive rate for any diplomat in that fractious land. And at least one proposal for the Princess. Must have been hard for the Italian-speakers to wriggle out of that.

[…] no expenses submitted for that portion of the journey that did enter into the territories save only for the journey to that City.

Scrawled in pencil: No expenses? Not when the Praguers make it clear you're a visiting dignitary. A visiting foreign dignitary and everything is set out for you, including your stay at your embassy.

[…] It is the judgement of this Office that the accounts submitted by the Lady Hamilton are accurate and not overstated and that they represent, within the necessarily limited view of this Office, a fair value for the accomplishments to the Houses of Parliament.

Scrawled in pencil: A council of all the German states for the first time in a generation? I'd have gambled more than this mission cost that it would never happen! And a chance that a tame Empress will be set upon the throne? Priceless.

Flying Island Explodes

From a sermon preached in the decaying town of Cambridge.

Once I quoted from the Good Book that Our Father in heaven had separated the waters below from the firmament above from the in the creation of this world. So to had he separated the land from the sky. But those same usurers who Our Lord cast out from the temple have not sought greater blasphemies to commit against His name. They have hurled an island into the air and there set it in defiance against the law of God and his natural order.

But God will not be long defied so nakedly! He has visited his wrath against this flying monstrosity. All in Cambridge heard the great thunderclap that sounded in the noon, shaking windows and even people. And then the ideas of all in town witnessed the wrath of the Lord, for where the mass of rock had been was only the clouds of the sky and beneath it the waves of the deep sea disturbed by the fall of rock from above. Though the ships of the merchants scour the sea not they nor any other man shall sea that blasted island again.

Remember then the wrath of him above and repent your sins lest he smite you down too.

The Arrest of Adam O'Farrel

Protected by Angels, the Lady Hamilton, Lord Franz and Lord Devereux, Baron Wyndham may be thought to be Beloved of All of Albion. But the News of this Protection comes with a Fouler Fact, that the King's Faithful Servant was Marked for Death.

Colonel O'Farrel, known to many for his Battles against the Aztecs, was caught Red-Handed, breaking into Wyndham's study, Gun in hand that sends Souls to Hades with a single shot. Apprehended thus, there can be little doubt of the man's Guilt, and there is Question of Jesuit involvement.

Some Suspect that an Unnatural Release of Gasses can be the Only cause of this, driving O'Farrel into a Madness, causing him to Seek the death of this Statesman.

The End of Sadness and the Future Embraced

Official Royal notice published around Oxford and other notable cities

… that after a year and a day the period of mourning now ends. The terrible murder of Albion's Queen, beloved by all, shall ever stay in our memories. Yet We have chosen to go on and look to the future of the Kingdom that no such deed may be accomplished again. Let all remember Queen Joanne's many sacrifices for the splendour of Albion and the Peace of Europe…

A Most Exciting Race

From a report on the Duchess of York's Boat Race to the Americas.

A large number of boats set off from Oxford, determined to win the £100,000 prize money; the foremost among these Captains Nathaniel Greyhawk in the Stilletto and Morag Douglas in the Faerie Queen. Notable by their absence were many entries from the Colleges of Oxford, although Captain Douglas was accompanied by a party from the Invisible College. However, the most impressive Unconventional entry was the Pembroke Rising, flown by Randolph Blenham and Johannes Franz.

As the Duchess started the race. Blenham and Franz seemed sure of winning with little trouble – the Gyrocopter leaving the boats far behind as it followed the setting sun into the West. However, with Morag armed with a number of advanced Magicians, none could say what her chances were.

But, a surprise! Long after the Pembroke Rising was expected back, the Faerie Queen hove into Oxford docks ahead of a Frightful Storm, her holds full of Coca, and was awarded the Prize by the Duchess herself, of £100,000! It was a month later before Nathaniel Greyhawk returned; the rumours say he was beset by unruly Native types, and barely escaped with his life. And it was to be another month before Blenham and Franz arrived, heading not from the West but from the North! The two were half-starved, but soon recovered from their Ordeal when provided with Victuals and a proper Bath.

Jesuits Shall Not Let Wynham Rest

An inflammatory pamphlet released soon after the assassination of Baron John Wyndham's wife

… such CRUEL servants of the Antichrist who would resort to VILE poisons to at all cost Undermine Albion and all that's good. Their attack on Baron Wyndham no less DISPICABLE for being the second attempt on his Life in such a Short time and claiming the INNOCENT life of his wife! To think that the WHORE OF ROME does at time DEBASE the very NAME of INNOCENCE. But by CHANCE and God's PROVIDENCE was Wyndham to calle a physician and thus be perhaps delivered from the deceit of JESUIT plots, his life now Hanging by a Thread. Alas for Lady Wyndham…

A pamphlet posted around Oxford some week and a half later

… recovered and returning to Parliamentary duties. Wyndham's speech yesterday spoke of the True threat yet remaining of Jesuit agents who will stop at nothing to topple the Crown and Government of Albion…

The Scotto-Basque Annual Meeting

Held in Navarre, in the Council-house of Pamplona, reports of the meeting are soon published in English and Basque

… With Don Iñigo Arista and Lady Gillian Mondegreen chairing the meeting, the session opened with some enthusiasm and discussions of cultural exchanges and connections were lively. The matter of the new coinage produced at the Mint was looked upon and the Mint itself visited by delegates. Furthermore the benefits of local taxation and management were called to be a possibly beneficial move though I should note the proposal was thrown out of Albion's Parliament. It has been supposed that such loss of power might act poorly upon the capability of King and Government to effectively rule the Kingdom…

… the entertainments at the festival were many and grand and your correspondent did enjoy all that Navarre came to offer…

The Oxford Idler

An extract from the latest issue of “The Oxford Idler”, a popular pamphlet which mostly devotes itself to reviews of the literary world.

”…Orion's piece, apparently commissioned by an anonymous patron (a return to the good old days of the Rose Theatre, we hope - with this, and the Rose Bride, within the same year, we can but hope that the Rose will once again be the barometer of the Court), has a script which is well-turned and flexible, a decent pace, enough laughs to keep the groundlings happy, but is ultimately a serious and romantic piece. Helen Fervent's masterful performance as the leading lady (who, to add an air of mystery and Arthurian archetype to the entire affair, is never referred to by name) is surely the sign that this rising young star has made her mark upon the acting world, and we can no doubt except to see her as a regular in roles such as Romeo, Ophelia etc. before the season is out.

An uplifting work of Albion - of heroism, and love conquering - Sangreal does not suffer from the relative inexperience of Master Zeal Johnson as Perlesvaus, but rather nurtures the young actor and brings him to the fore. The part of the Fisher-King, meanwhile, costumed by the Company of the Rose in striking blue and gold, is a clear compliment to the Crown Prince - wounded but magisterial, physically weakened yet retaining all of his regal charm. But it is Helen as the Lady-Love, dark-eyed, dark-haired, young and scholarly, who waits patiently for Perlesvaus to return from his perilous quest - always faithful, always chaste, though she knows he cannot marry her until he returns, and that he may never return - who carries the performance entire. Starting late in the season, it is hoped that the Patron of the Rose will allow this run of Sangreal to continue well into the summer, and might perhaps even take a tour to Glastonbury or Scotland…”

Free Air By Law

Following the passage of the bill before Parliament “Wherein it is understood that some assets must be held in trust for the common good, it is proposed that it be formalised that no entity save the State may lay claim to own the air of Albion, and that it be made an offence to attempt to profit through such a claim.” there have been a number of lawsuits most deleterious to the Common Good. Some of these are included below.

“I maintain that, as my apartment is on the Third Floor, and thus clearly in the air, my Landlord may not lay claim to it, and certainly not attempt to profit from it by charging rent!”

“Master Scrope, you have been charged with attempting to profit from the Air by selling rides upon your gryffon, which makes use of that resource which must be free to the public.”

“It is proposed that a simple solution to the dilemma of Invisible College's unpaid rent could be found by making the Building float 1 inch above the Christ Church Meadows.”

“Aerial ships, such as the Black Sun Rising and Pembroke Rising, reliant as they are upon the Air to carry them, must thus be the Property of the State.”

“I submit that, as the Air belongs to the State, the upper floor of MISC is mine just as much as it is the Company's, and so they should not be able to forcibly evict me for attempting to sleep there.”

War in Cathay

An article in the military pamphlet 'The Dragon', published in Dunkerque

And though all Christendom be at Peace, the great Spectre of the Witch-King having banished all thoughts of War between Nations and Kings, there are still Conflicts abroad. And on those Distant Shores we hear reports of the Valour of Albion's soldiers, though they be a World away from the Throne still they fight in the King's Name.

The Major the Admiral the Right Honourable Lord Wilson Mandrake marshalled a great Fleet and a great Force of Arms. Sailing switfly into the Waters of the Fearsome Manchu, he commanded Warriors upon Land and Sea alike. The reports of those Cathayans remaining in Albion reveal the Manchu as the Most Terrible of Savages who Burn what they cannot Carry away on the Horses. Treasure, Books and the Men and Women of distant Cathay are all destroyed by these Barbarians. Offended by these Depredations against even the Heathens of the Orient mighty Albion shouted “NO” and moved to Destroy another Enemy of Peace.

Aiding Baron Mandrake in his Christian duty upon the Land were forces led by Commodore Stirling and a dozen Ships of the Lady Morag. Many are the rumours that have been Whispered about those Two and their Privateering whether true or false but know that they or their Men fight in the Aid of their Brothers. And in Clash of arms upon the firm Terra we learn that Unchivalrous Blackguard and Abuser of the Trust of the Lord General, the so-called “Ambassador” Lang has sought to make slim amends in show of swordsmanship.

It is only a matter of Days now before Albion's loyal Friend the Princess Ping is set upon the Throne of all Cathay and King Matthew gains another Friend over the waves. A new Ambassador has been sent from Cathay to represent that Empire to the Court of her great Ally.

A dastardly attack by the slaves of Rome

A pamphlet passed around many taverns across Albion

Once again, the brave men and women of Albion thwart attacks by the evil Order of Arundel. This time, they did break into a building of the Horticulturalists, seeking to break out their comrades imprisoned within. Verily, as soon as they entered Carmarthen, were our brave gryphon riders alerted. Beset by swords and shields of good Albion's forces, they did flee. But these foul Jesuits had never reckoned on the true might of Albion. Chased across the Welsh hills and valleys, beset by dragons and gryphons both, did these fools surrender. Such a shame that they had not done so sooner, for one of the dragons, hungered by the chase, did consume them entirely.


  • The monstrous corpse of the undead Clockwork King is King Arthur, returned to Albion in its time of need!
  • Someone's been busy hawking a book of demonic rituals about the less reputable people in town. Those who've seen it say that it's mostly standard stuff but there are a couple of interesting new rituals in there.
  • Dame Katherine Chandler sheathed Franz's sword, but she's given one to Don Iñigo…
  • Prince Ali is either really devout or something happens if he doesn't do all that chanting 5 times a day.
  • Nice suntan that Doctor Brandage's got. I wonder where he's been off to?
  • Sir Nicholas - that Lovecraft fellow - he's been donating money to charities, orphanages and the like. Not making a big fuss of it, but certainly spreading the wealth around. What a nice chap!
  • “What do you think Sir Aleister Alexander wants with pissing off old Annie?”, “I don't know, but don't let her hear you calling her that, or you'll find yourself swinging on the yard arm at admiralty arch”.
  • I am the very model of a modern English Jesuit.
  • Ain't Professor Meredith a feisty one! She's quite right though, those Invisibles 'ave no right getting preferential treatment.
  • The King is in excellent health.
  • That Zackarias has seen quite a few ladies beds. Quite a few gentlemens, too, I've no doubt…
  • “Ahahahaha, soon the world will be mine.”
  • That O'Farrel, he can be in two places at once. Isn't that exciting!
  • I hear the Duke of Liverpool has himself some new pistol - an Invention or something. Terribly valuable, terribly dangerous. Boys and their toys, eh…!
  • Those Catholic Aztecs are raising an army, soon they will invade the colonies and put every Protestant to the sword - such is the Pope's command.
  • Ain't that Lord Grover a marvellous chap, if only all conjurers were like him. Speaking of which… there still aren't many of them, are there?
  • Upped and left to sail the seas again. He shall return a different man.
  • Baron Wyndham tried to end it all by poisoning himself, but God spared his life for greater things!
  • Gaah! Bloody hell! Just because Cry God's gone, doesn't mean you can keep checking!
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