Lady Meredith Kendall, the Countess of Reading, Mistress of the Robes [Helena]

Player: Helena
Rank: Countess (Rank 4)
Religion: Church of England
Reputation: Eminent

The Lady Wargrave has recently inherited her title after a family tragedy and serious trouble at her estates. She is however a known traveller employed by the East India Company.

Her closeness to the Queen has raised her to a Countess and the high position of Mistress of the Robes in attendence to the Queen.

East India Company Trader (Rank 2)


An extract from “The East India Company Under the Lord Directors”

The Countess of Reading, soon rising to the rank of Proprietor under the guidance of Lord Director Sir Samuel Brakerige. Though her involvement in Queen Elizabeth's Court prevented Lady Kendall from attending to the Company during the more dangerous periods of the Civil War, her continued interest in the Company helped bring about a restoration within a short time.

The Countess of Reading is perhaps best known for her unique sailing methods. Her ships, accompanied and protected by Sea Serpents were a sight to behold and ensured her safety on the many diplomatic trips to India. It is to her, for the most part, that we owe a restoration of relations with the Murghal Emperor following the death of the Directress and the near-collapse of the Company and its interests. Her unique diplomatic skills and friendship with the Emperor may well have rescued the Company from slow decline into obscurity.

She is less known for her involvement in more shadowy affairs within the Company. Many believe that she kept the EIC firmly under Crown control and acted as the hand of the Queen within the Company ensuring that no treachery might befall it. Some have even ventured to call her the New Directress though in my opinion the greater part of control was retained by Sir Samuel and the able Lord Michael Gerrard…

“On the Queen's Council”, a pamphlet produced with details of various members of the Queen's Court

The Mistress of the Robes, like the King's Lord Chamberlain, is the right hand of the Queen and her foremost advisor on both court and magical affairs. The Countess of Reading, Lady Meredith Kendall, filled her role most admirably and her closeness with the Queen has helped ensure the smooth running of the Royal Apparatus. Though in time many of her duties were replaced by a new Lord Chamberlain, she has ever remained attached to the court and a close supporter of the Queen and her son.

“Great Conjurers of Our Age”, an unexpected pamphlet by Alexandro Magnifico published in Oxford after his death.

I had always suspected Meredith Kendall capable of exciting conjuration but she became much more adept at detecting our art. I suppose this made her invaluable to the Queen! She did well for herself with all that trading too.

I think she may have even persuaded Sir Theodocius Dawkins that Conjuration is a good thing, something which I, I believe, failed at miserably. She must get a deserved amount of praise for all of this, but it still didn't make her the Greatest conjurer of course…

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